FREC 2614 – Human-Environment Systems

Complex environmental problems not only affect ecosystems but also human well-being. Natural resource management requires professionals able to tackle these interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and international issues. Viewing the world as a complex system has led to the development of new paradigms such as adaptive management.

FREC 3544 – Outdoor Recreation Planning & Management

This course challenges students to consider the role of parks, protected areas, and outdoor recreation in the broader context of natural resource management theory. Students are introduced to systems thinking, social-ecological systems, resilience, and ecosystem-based management. Students examine the major institutions in the U.S. that are charged with providing resource use and protection. Finally, students are introduced to site-based management and monitoring techniques to reduce negative impacts of outdoor recreation.

FREC 5024 – Social-Ecological Systems

Graduate-level special studies course exploring various established and emerging interdisciplinary approaches to link social and ecological systems. This course reviews the history of conservation and sustainability science and examines specific proposals to link and understand the human-nature interactions. As an outcome of this course, students will have a strong conceptual and practical understanding of integrated socio-ecological research.